Nightlight in Odense Zoo
Light setting in the night Zoo in Odense
Hans Christian Andersen
Theater in Tivoli
The Nutcracker
Theater in Tivoli, Avenue T, Stocholm, Docken
Art in Odense Zoo
Art and reinventing a playground in the zoo
Olafur Eliasson
Choreographing for Olafur Eliasson
Every man`s life is a Fairytale
Street art fairytale in Rødovre
Gadens Hårdeste Hævn
Theater and Street art fairytale in Næstved
Human Robot
Theater at Dansescenen and Roskilde festival
Cykelmyggen Egon
Theater at Gasværket
Cykelmyggen Egon 2
Cykelmyggen 2 - Egon Møder Tommelise - Theater at Østre Gasværk
Theater in Bellevue and Holstrebro theater
Theater Blackbox in Holstrebro
Cirkus Summarum
DR and Ramasjang
Columbines Karneval
Pantomime in Tivoli
Kassander love dollars
Pantomime in Tivoli
Vampyren Prerrot
Pantomime in Tivoli
Julemanden og den farlige forbryder
Theater at Holbæk teater
Theater at Tivoli and Århus
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Slum prinsessen og de 7 small time h
Lego Mindstorm
Flash mob
Electric Boogie School
13 videoes at youtube. Master level
Højspændingsmanden og Robotdrengene
TV show for DR Ramasjang
Robert Realitet
Event Show
2 Fisk
TV show for Ramasjang
Levende By
Masterclass in Næstved
Moving City
Art in public
Trash Couture
Fashion Show
A real Robot dancing the robotdance
EM Håndbold
Intro show before the finals
Den Blå Planet
Art in public
Helt sikkert DR
TV show for DR
Big City Brains
Music koncept
Big City Brains
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