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Photo: Olafur Eliasson



Steen Koerner Studios is an urban art company engaging in dance, music, poetry, graffiti, art film, architecture, city space development - and first and foremost theatre.

We're driven by a desire to learn and develop through experiments, projects and co-operations, based on the ideas from Gesamtkunst ...


Steen Koerner Studios is based on the artistic work of Steen Koerner; director, choreographer, concept developer and originally emerging from street dance and an urban environment.  


Steen Koerner Studios is based in Copenhagen, and from here we cooperate with companies and art institutions on art and theatre projects  both nationally and internationally. On top of this we publish books on various of our projects, create education projects and collaborate with a.o. Olafur Eliasson. 








Director Steen Koerner is well known for his contemporary take on classic stories. He started his career as a self-taught robotic dancer in 1982, and traveled the world already at an age of 14 to take up battle with the best from Berlin, London, Paris and New York. He has since been a driving force in the urban-arts community and was in 2004 awarded The Hip Hop Lifetime Achievement Award.




It is however as a director that Steen Koerner is best known. His version of The Nut Cracker brought him The Theatre Award, The Danish Arts Councils 3 years work grant and earned him a place in the Danish Cultural Canon. He has since directed more than 15 plays, among these Sylfiden with Stephen Scott and Henrik Vibskov, Human Robot with Saul Williams and numerous performances for the Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark.


Steen Koerner is also publishing books, making TV and has an on going collaboration with the Danish/Islandic artist Olafur Eliasson.




THEATRE (selected) / Concept, Director, Choreographer

  • 2018 HCA Life 's a Fairitale, China tour 6 cities

  • 2018 Cykelmyggen Egon, Bellevue Teatret

  • 2017 HCA 150 Years of Honary Citizen, Flakhaven Odense

  • 2017 HCA Life's a Fairytale, Odeon Odense, Musikteater Holsterbro

  • 2017 Åbning af Dansk Kinesisk Turisme År, Beijing

  • 2016 Cykelmyggen, Egon møder Tommelise, Østre Gasværk Teater

  • 2016 Gadens Hårdeste hævn, Dansescenen og Næstved teater

  • 2015 Seven Minutes, Juste Debout, Paris

  • 2015 Dialogic Movements, Radialsystem V, Berlin

  • 2014 Vi er Danmark: Riddersalen

  • 2013 H.C.Andersen: Tivoli Concert Hall

  • 2013 Carmen: Bellevue Theatre & Holstrebro Theatre

  • 2012 Julemanden og den Farlige Forbryder: Holbæk Theatre + tour

  • 2012 Cirkus Summarum

  • 2011+12+13: Cykelmyggen Egon: Østre Gasværk Theatre, Holbæk Theatre + tour (15 cities)

  • 2011 Danmark: Holstebro Musikteater

  • 2011+12 Kassander Loves Dollars: The Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli

  • 2010+09 Human Robot: Dansescenen, Cosmopol Stage at Roskilde festival, Sadler's Wells (London)

  • 2008 Vampyren Pjerrot: The Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli

  • 2003+04+05+06+07+15+15 The Nutcracker: Aveny T, Tivoli Concert Hall, Aarhus Theatre, Docken & Oslo Nye Theatre

  • 2006 The Sylph: Aarhus Theatre

  • 2006 Hip hip 2 the Hop: Aveny T

  • 2006 Ok Royal – The Royal Theatre - Turbinehallerne

  • 2005 Slumprinsessen og de 7 smalltime hustlers: Aarhus Theatre

  • 2005 Øen i Øst: Koma Theatre (Tokyo)

  • 2003+04 Harlekins Triumf: The Pantomime Theatre in Tivoli

  • 2002 11komma7: Betty Nansen Theatre

  • 2001 Kodernes Kamp: Helsingborg Music Theatre + tour & The Drum (Birmingham)

  • 2000 24: Privat Teatret & Paris la Villette (Paris)

  • 1999 Definitive Skitser: Rialto Theatre





  • 2020 These Shapes are made for Dancing, CAFx, Copenhagen Architecture Festival

  • 2020 These Shapes are made for Dancing, Rebild

  • 2020 These Shapes are made for Dancing, Næstved

  • 2016 Everymans life is a fairytale, Rødovre 

  • 2014+2015+2016 Odense Zoo



THE ROYAL FAMILY / Director, choreographer, dancer


  • 2014 The Queens return-dinner, Zagreb

  • 2014 The Queens dinner party for the Danish parliament, Christiansborg Riddersal

  • 2013 The Crown Prince couples return-dinner, Santiago de Chile

  • 2013 Royal hunting dinner, Fredensborg Castle

  • 2004 The Crown Prince couples royal wedding

  • 2000 The Queens 60th birthday party





  • 2014 Movement microscope and Your embodied garden (‘Riverbed’, Louisiana)

  • 2013 Your embodied garden, (Guangzhou + Beijing)

  • 2012 Topology, Tate Modern (London)

  • 2012 Never Tired of Looking at Each Other – Only the Mountain and I, (Berlin)

  • 2011 Moving Microscope, Centre Pompidou (Paris)

  • 2009 A text Collage, (Berlin)

  • 2009 Moving Microscope, Kunsthaus Zug (Zug)

  • 2008 Life in Space 3, (Berlin)




  • 2015 Albert & Bedstefar, 8 episodes, DR Ramasjang

  • 2014 2 Fisk, TV - 13 episodes, DR Ramasjang

  • 2013 Gadens Hårdeste Hævn, Book

  • 2013 Lego Mindstorm, Commercial

  • 2011 The Electric Boogie School, Online

  • 2010 The Nutcracker, Film, DR1

  • 2009 Highvoltage Man & The Robotboys, TV – 20 episodes, DR Ramasjang

  • 2006 Igen og Igen: Nephew, Music video

  • 2005-07 Helt sikkert DR: DR1

  • 1990+91 Balladen + Under Uret- Hans Otto Bisgaard, TV - 15 episodes: DR1




  • 2006 The Danish Culture Canon – The Nutcracker

  • 2004 The Danish Arts Councils 3 years work grant

  • 2004 The Reumert Theatre Award - The Nutcracker

  • 2004 Hip Hop Lifetime Achievement Award





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